• Mandel Bread - Loaf

    Each loaf of Mandel Bread comes pre-sliced with approximately 8-10 pieces. Packaged in a white bakery box.

    $14 per loaf or two for $25.

  • Mandel Bread - Cookie Jar

    Hosting or attending an event? We've got you covered. This offering has approximately 20 slices of Mandel Bread. Served in a 64 oz glass cookie jar.


Choose your Mix-Ins:

Milk Chocolate Chips

Most popular!

Dark Chocolate Chips


Monster (Peanut Chips, Dark Chocolate Chips, Raisins)

  • Delivery

    Pick up not your thing? No problem. We are happy to make the drop. Deliveries are serviced in the Twin Cities metro.


  • Write a Note

    Give the gift of confections! Include a custom message on your order form, and we'll include your note on stationary as part of delivery.


  • Goodie Bags

    Hosting a party? Looking for a gift for your team? We can package 2-3 slices into small bags to support all occasions.


Order Form

Thank you for choosing Mandel Monster! Please fill out the order form below with details of your request. We will reach back out promptly to establish payment and delivery/pickup information. At this time, we can only accommodate orders local to the Twin Cities metro.

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